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All birth control methods require a doctor visit for a prescription. With Pandia Health you can do this from the comfort of your home.

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Don't have a prescription?

  • Online evaluation

    Fill out our online health form
    ($25 doctor fee applies)

  • Doctor prescription

    Expert doctors will review your questionnaire and prescribe the medication that fits you the best.

  • FREE delivery

    Straight to your mailbox with automatic refills and free delivery!

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Have an active prescription?

  • We'll take care of it

    Simply provide your pharmacy details or your doctor's info and we'll handle the rest.

  • FREE delivery

    Straight to your mailbox with automatic refills and free goodies! (Hi-Chews, stickers, teas, and much more).

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Benefits Of Online Birth
Control Prescription

  • Save time. No more commuting to Dr’s office. Skip the trip to the pharmacy.
  • FREE delivery plus goodies straight to your mailbox.
  • 364 days access to expert care by expert doctors about your birth control questions. (For telemed patients only)
  • Call, chat or text with our patient care team. Extended hours 5 am – 10 pm PT, 7 days a week.
  • Make appointment & request time off from work
  • Commute to doctor’s office & pharmacy
  • Wait time for appointment & prescription pick up
  • Limited Doctor's Office Hours, 9 am – 5 pm

Birth Control Methods

We're here to help you select the best birth control method for you. All of the following birth control methods contain hormones and help period problems, lower the risk of ovarian and uterine cancers, improve acne, and treat endometriosis.

Delivering All Birth Control Brands

We offer over 120 generic and name brand birth control options

Dr. Yen

The Only

Doctor Founded,
Doctor Led.

Meet our CEO & Co-founder Sophia Yen MD, MPH, MIT, UCSF, UCB grad, Stanford Clinical Associate Professor.

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Expert care by expert doctors

Expert care by expert doctors

Personalized care

A doctor reviews your health questionnaire ($25) and prescribes the birth control customized for race, ethnicity and BMI resulting in fewer side effects for YOU.

Automatic Refills & Free Shipping

We will automatically refill your prescription and ship it to your door. Never worry about your prescription running out again.

Periodic Check-Ins

We'll proactively check-in with you to ensure your birth control is working well.

Patient Care Assistant Access

Ask questions about your prescription via text, chat, email, and call whenever you need. We are here to take care of you.

Making Women's Lives Easier

Why Pandia Health?

"We're the only birth control delivery company led by someone who has taken the Hippocratic Oath = ‘Do No Harm'" Pandia Health's goal is to improve women's lives — to make them better, easier, safer, and healthier.

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Why Pandia Health?

Customers Love Us!

Out of all the other websites, they were the best and only ones that were able to help me with getting my birth control while out of state . 10/10 for service and 10/10 for communication!!!

Belen C.

Belen C.

I've been using Pandia Health for nearly 3 years now and the experience is so seamless and easy. From renewing my prescription, to clarifying changes with my insurance coverage, the team is extremely attentive. I love that I'm texting with actual humans, not AI pre-programmed responses/bots. Highly recommend Pandia Health if you're totally over the monthly pharmacy visits!!

Amanda T.

Amanda T.

Pandia has really good customer service. There is always someone there to hear you out and relay your message to a doctor if needed. They say it can take 24 hours for a doctor to respond but I find they have always responded to me within a few hours. Highly recommend Pandia Health.

Airikuuhh G.

Airikuuhh G.

I always receive quick and helpful responses when dealing with Pandia Health. They have helped me get birth control both with and without insurance as a confused immigrant trying to understand the insurance system and how to get my preferred type of birth control in the US. I would definitely recommend Pandia Health, it's such a convenient and friendly service.



We Got You Covered

Depending on your insurance plan, your birth control copay could be as low as $0

United Healthcare
Blue Cross
L.A. Care
Family Pact

*Sorry! We do NOT take Kaiser, Cal Optima, LA Care, Humana, Sunshine Health, nor StayWell at this time

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